Travel Tips

  • Hang out and engage with locals. It will make your trip a lot more interesting – and protection!
  • Learn the local language, at least try to learn a few words, it will be greatly appreciated.
  • Dress simple, don’t show off with fancy brand clothing or precious jewelry. You will attract the wrong kind of people – thieves. 
  • It’s always safer to travel in a group than on your own.
  • When going out, just take the most necessary items with you.
  • Protect yourself from pick-pocketing by not using your phone in the streets.
  • Don’t wander around with the camera hung around your neck or exposed in any way.
  • Carry a pepper spray with you. (I never had to use mine, but you never know.)
  • Live in the moment, and enjoy every place and its people as much as you can! It’s the little things, unexpected encounters, that become unforgettable memories.