Travellers T1 Guide
Some tipps to keep her goning nice and smooth

  • Always bring a set of spare parts with you.

  • Listen to, and feel, the camper van – it usually advices you long before it breaks.

  • Be diligent with basic maintenance.

  • Adjust the valves at least every 5000km.

  • Grease the suspension to keep it nice and smooth.

  • Do not forget the regular oil changes.

  • Oil the entire bottom part with castor oil, especially when travelling along the coastline.
  • Don’t push the old lady too hard, a speed of max 80 km/h is just fine and and gives more time to appreciate the landscape.

  • Before getting on the road, always check the oil level as well as the tire pressure including the spare wheel
  • Go easy on the breaks, avoid energetic braking. Check the brakes regularly (brake fluid level, brake pad condition, brake fluid leakage)
  • Control motor temperature.
  • Carry a second battery.